Saturday, October 3, 2009

Asalam Alaikum

The purpose of this blog is to provide Muslims with graphic icons. I know that there are many icons out there but these will be different in the sense that they will be custom made especially for you. How this works is that you can send me a request via the comment box and Inshallah I will make you an icon. You can make specific requests like what colors you want, what text, what background image, if you want to use a background image, etc. I will Inshallah post the icon on here after I make it. However if you would like your icon to remain exclusive let me know.


  1. *Huggles* You now know who this is. Lol. And I would like to put in a request pleeeeaaaase! ^_^' Until I come up with a better idea, I would like the first icon from the second last row, with my name please... and if you don't remember how to spell my name.. well, I'll just be seriously heartbroken ;_; Don't let me down! ;)

  2. awww, they're soo cutee!! and very creative, Mashallah.
    Idea, not really a request or anything, just an idea: could you make more icons with like nice.. Islamic inspiriational/motivational quotes? Them Christians always got these icons and pics with quotes about Jesus and yadda yadda.. it would be AWESOME if we could have like a Muslim version of those, too! nothing specific or anything, just a thought.... (=

  3. That's a good idea Mashallah. Is this what you meant? ( If you have any inspirational/motivational quotes in mind please feel free to post it here. Jazakallah Khair.

  4. Asalamu Alaikum wrwb,
    MashaALLAH ta'ala your talented man! Really nice avatars. Keep up the AWESOME work!!
    t.c.! loads of hugs and luv...salaam :)

    a little note from your luv... (i loveee you my cuteee chicken boo! loll! =))

  5. This are nice,
    Thanks for sharing,
    I am doing Icons too :)
    Here some nice Islamic icons avatars and wallpapers...

  6. The blog looks hot! And the icons look beautifulllll, mashallah! =) XoXo!! Love youuu lots! =D

  7. oh can u pls make me this one-->
    and for "your name" can u put "AyaGyptian"
    thank u :)

  8. of course :) If there is something you don't like about it please let me know and i can change it inshallah.